Use the Power of Subliminal Persuasion to Reshape your Body, Transform Your Mind, and Change Your Life into Anything You Desire!

Subliminal recordings have such an irresistible influence on the human subconscious that in most countries their use in advertising messages is absolutely prohibited. Traditionally, sub-audio messages have been concealed from the listener beneath an over-mask of music or ocean waves to avoid detection. But, numerous studies have shown that unmasked auditory messages are many times more effective, and work far more rapidly.

Our Subliminal MindWriter products have taken away the veil of secrecy from conventional Subliminal recordings, by offering a broad spectrum of subliminal audio presentations in the revolutionary new Zero-Masking format. Unlike other subliminal programs, that mask their subliminal messages with ocean waves or music, you can turn up the volume of MindWrite Subliminal Recordings and actually “hear” these sub-audible messages clearly. This allows you to preview what your subconscious will be hearing and responding to. Then, when you’re ready to use them, turn the volume down to just below audible level, and let the irresistible whispers reshape your subconscious mind in any way you desire.

Unlike conventional music-masked programs, you can listen to the MindWriter Subliminal audio tracks anywhere – at home, at the office, in your car, boat, aeroplane, or even while watching TV! Best of all, there’s no need to set aside time to listen to MindWriter Subliminals. It’s easy to let them work for you constantly, all day without disrupting your work or other activities, or even all night, without disturbing your sleep.

The latest version of The MindWriter Series, adds multiple tracks, offering you the choice of several new variations in the subliminal presentations, including the leading edge back-masked (reverse) format and multiple-speed audio.


Mind Writer Subliminal Series

A Breakthrough in Human Re-Programming

Audio Subliminal recordings have changed the way mankind modifies his behaviour, by offering a penetrating, unfiltered pathway to the subconscious mind of the listener by using words recorded below the limit of conscious hearing, usually beneath a sound mask of ocean waves or music. The effectiveness of subliminal messages has been proven repeatedly in many studies.

USA Federal Law and UK Ofcom`s Broadcasting Code prohibits subliminal messages and surreptitious advertising. Because the buying suggestions used in early advertisements, has proved to be irresistible to listeners, increasing sales by 300% or more.

Despite their growing popularity in reshaping attitudes, erasing undesirable habits, and unleashing amazing new mental potential, an area of mystique has continued to surround these subtle suggestions to the subconscious.

Now the state-of-the-art MindWriters Subliminal series draws aside the veil of subliminal mystery by introducing a revolutionary New Zero-Masked Subliminal format. Our Zero-Masking features produces some exciting new benefits, unlike conventional recordings.

How to use Subliminal MindWriter recordings

*Turn up the Volume and actually listen to the entire subliminal message. Nothing is hidden. Each word, each phrase, is exposed. This generates an all-important reassurance factor that has a profound positive effect on the degree of overall benefit and the speed with which it is achieved. When you are satisfied of the words and phrases, you can adjust the volume up or down to your required hearing aptitude.

Once you have listened to the repeated suggestions, at normal volume, and assured yourself that all the affirmations have been designed only to enhance or erase the targeted characteristics desired. By adjusting the volume so that you can distinguish just the tops of occasional words, the subliminal information will be exactly the right volume to be sent clearly to your subconscious for positive performance enhancement. 

*This Eliminates the boring, monotonous repetition of the same sounds or music. Any sound can act as an audio mask. The rush of air produced by ventilation systems is almost pure, white noise, the perfect sound mask. So is the sound of an automobile moving on the motorway. Even television, radio, or anything you like to listen to on records, tapes or CD’s can be just as effective, and infinitely more practicable as a mask than the same musical repeated ad nauseam.

*It is no longer necessary to set aside valuable time to listen to a subliminal recording. Using the normal ambient room noise to mask your subliminal recording allows you to work or play or relax or listen to the evening news while selected subliminal suggestions play imperceptible in the background; gentle, but relentlessly, bombarding your subconscious mind with an irresistible whisper that can reshape your thoughts, attitudes, habits and capabilities in any way you desire.

Because our Subliminal MindWriter recordings are easy and so pleasant to use, they are used, more frequently, and for longer periods of time. The clear result is greater improvement in far less time than conventional subliminal recordings.  

What makes us different

Our MindWriter subliminal recordings are engineered by the latest technological developments that include high speed vocals that have been proved to be more effective than normal speech, Male or Female voice preference that have been tested for individual better results. Each recording is based upon the latest psychological breakthroughs in the area of subliminal behaviour enhancement. Provided by eminent medical Hypnotherapist and Psychoanalyst. Unlike other subliminal recordings, the affirmations are unobscured by other masking sounds. So the volume can be turned up or down depend on person’s hearing ability. The frequency of the messages are also elevated to 300 hertz above the frequency levels of which the subconscious mind tends to prefer.